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--a private recording studio getaway--

Zoo School is a rural recording studio retreat tucked away on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, forty-five minutes from the Twin Cites, and just a short walk from the Saint Croix River. 

We offer tracking/mixing/editing/production services, accompanied by world-class outboard gear, a varied and impeccable microphone collection, a cozy barnwood live room, a retro-fitted school bus for lodging, and instruments abound.  And vibe.

If you or your group are looking to make your musical vision come to life in a distraction-free atmosphere, Zoo School is the place for you.

And to be clear, we welcome hourly and daily sessions.  But we prefer to do weekend or full-week sessions.  Either way, reach out if you're interested!

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We also support lodging.  Send us a message for more information!



We capture your sounds with high-quality microphones, cables, preamps, and signal processors--all into an Antelope Audio Goliath HD connected to a ProTools HDX rig.  Our main live room is a converted underground garage covered in reclaimed barnwood and GIK acoustic treatment.  We also have a few spots for amp isolation!



Mixing your songs is one of our sweet spots.  We have a mastering-level signal chain, with thoughtful consideration towards mains power, cabling, clocking, conversion, outboard and software signal processing, acoustic room treatment, bass management, and high-level monitoring.  We've taken this seriously so what you hear is what you hear!



With our inspirational environment and quality selection of gear and microphones, we will work to get you the  sound you are dreaming of (we know our mics!).  Our live room has been acoustically treated and tested for frequency response and it sounds great.   Plus, it's filled with cool instruments!

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~come ride the wave~

Our goals at zoo school are simple:  to create an inspiring work environment, take care of you while you are here, have fun and create great work.  We're ready to help you take your project to its zenith.  Let's do it!

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We understand the recording world is a highly subjective matter.  With that said, we offer some of the highest quality and "vibiest" outboard gear, microphones, and instruments you are going to find in any studio.  If you're interested in a gear list, send us an email!  

Bottom line:  we love old and new stuff.  we love synths, ribbon mics, electric guitars, snare drums, 500 Series processing, pedals, drum machines, tube processors, and you know, analog tape machines.  Bottom line (part deux):  we have everything you need to make both high and lo-fidelity sounds.  We love 'em both!



We're all about the outboard gear here at zoo school.  From preamps to tube compressors to high-end stereo AD converters in a superb DAW (connected to a Switchcraft patchbay, we feel confident we can reel in your vibes with warmth, excitement and creativity.

Some brands we carry are:  Chandler, UA, Retro Instruments, Elysia, Moog, API, Neve, Overstayer, Black Box, GML, Spectrasonics, BAE, Gordon, UTA, Locomotive, Highland Dynamics, Empirical Labs, Bricasti, Binson.


Whatever it is you need to create your best work, we have solid and reliable tools. Our top-of-the line gear includes a wide selection of microphones (ribbon, condenser, dynamic) and preamplifiers (tube and solid state).  Whatever is in your head and heart, our mics and pres can likely get you there.

Some mic brands we carry are:  Neumann, Shure, AEA, DPA, Sennheiser, Telefunken, Chandler, Royer, Placid Audio, AKG, EV.

And yes, that is a photograph of our U47!


Acoustic and electric guitars, new and vintage synths, drums, drum machines, tube amps, pedals, pianos, get it.  We got it.  Some names we carry are Roland, Gibson, Fender, Wurly, Korg, Buchla, Nord, Knabe, etc.

Basically, we have lots of fun stuff to inspire.

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We would love to be a part of your next recording project. Get in touch with us today!

We are located in Saint Croix Falls, WI

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